I swim some. In August 2016 I swam the Marilyn Bell route across Lake Ontario, ratified by Solo Swims Ontario with swim master Shaun Chisholm. My open water mentor and GLOW coordinator Madhu Nagaraja led our fantastic team on the water. The swim was part of our ongoing efforts to raise funds and awareness for our Great Lakes. With GLOW: Great Lakes Open Water adventures, we promote and pursue adventures in our home waters and around the world.

GLOW adventures take inspiration from our friends and fellow wild swimmers, a humbling list that includes such extraordinary people as Marilyn BellLynne Cox and Natasha Brooks, groups like the South End Rowing Club, the Marathon Swimmers Federation, our friends at LOST, and remarkable organizations like Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, one of many groups around the world working tirelessly to defend our shared heritage in the world’s lakes, oceans, and waterways.

Some of my swims

3 thoughts on “Swimming

  1. Hi Loren. Fantastic work and Congratulations on your awesome achievements.
    Would you be able to give me some contacts who can help me with next year 2018 swim.
    I am an Ultra Marathon road runner.
    I am planning to run from Youngstown New York to Marilyn Park at the same time that a swimmer will be crossing the lake.
    Swimmer vs runner challenge to raise money for cancer.
    Email stuguz2003@yahoo.com
    John Sacco. 416 919 7834.

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